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9 02 2009

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7 02 2009

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4 02 2009

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Worldwide Marijuana March

1 02 2009

(C.I.B Update)-
Worldwide marijuana march coming soon!!! May 2 & 9 2009 in over 300 cities worldwide. Like Bob Marley said get up..stand up..stand up for your rights !! Check it out people get motivated !!! (Link below)
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President Barack Obama’s Brother Caught with Weed…

31 01 2009

Recently it has been discovered that our new president, Barack Obama’s half brother who lives in Kenya was caught with a marijuana joint.
In the humura slums of Nairobi with three younger men. The first thought that comes to mind for me is,maybe this is a ploy to bring attention to Kenya and that area now that they have a connection with our new president. Another thing I had thought about.. Don’t they have other things to worry about in the slums of Nairobi other than a guy carrying a joint..
Things like poverty, murder, and gangs with rocket launchers…oh yea here’s his picture I figured I would save you the time googleing him !!

Medical Marijuana

31 01 2009

Hey everyone, This post is just a peek into my beliefs on medical marijuana.
First off I would like to say anyone with a serious debilitating disease should without a doubt have the choice to use
marijuana without any legal consequence..

Hello world!

31 01 2009

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